Mobile Recharge

Mobile phones have become an essential part of our lives, so is mobile recharge. With the sudden advancement in technology, mobile enables us to perform various tasks that were previously not possible, One such instance is online mobile recharge and with UGAM TELECOM it's quick recharge experience. Available with new technology in SMS, Android and Website options and forget the old troublesome process. With UGAM TELECOM, you can do easy recharge online anytime and from anywhere, be it like shops or home or even if you are on holidays. all you need is internet access and that's it. In this busy world, nobody has time to wait in stores for recharging their numbers. UGAM TELECOM's fast recharge service is an ultimate solution, it is quick and easy process.

Mobile Post Paid Bill Payments

Nowadays, Post Paid services is very useful as a mode of communication. A lot of people use their mobile operators as monthly paying billing option. With such an important technology in our life, it is important to pay Post Paid bills on time to enjoy its uninterrupted access. UGAM TELECOM gives a reliable service to its consumers that lets you make post paid bill payment online in few minutes. now forget to stand in the long queue to pay your post paid bills. it's easy and convenient option with UGAM TELECOM, by paying post paid bills online through our website and get rid of standing in line. we offer you the easiest online bill payment service. it is a better option, No matter where you are, you can securely make post paid bills online payment without any problems in few easy clicks.

Land Line and Broadband Bill Payments

Nowadays, broadband internet service is the most useful form of Internet. A lot of people use their broadband for office and other tasks. With such an important technology in our life, it is important to pay broadband bill on time to enjoy its uninterrupted access. UGAM TELECOM gives a reliable service to its consumers that lets you make broadband bill payment online in few minutes. now forget to stand in the long queue to pay your broadband bills. Landline bill payment is easy and convenient option with UGAM TELECOM, by paying landline bills online through our website and get rid of standing in line. we offer you the easiest online bill payment service. it is a better option, No matter where you are, you can securely make landline bills online payment without any problems online in few easy clicks.

DTH Recharge

There are a lot of DTH operators in India who provide Cable services to their customers. The most popular DTH service providers are Videocon D2H, Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Sun Direct, Dish TV, Reliance BIG TV and we provide services of these companies. UGAM TELECOM is simple and easy in DTH recharge services. Through UGAM TELECOM you can recharge your set top boxes from anywhere and anytime in just a few seconds to enjoy a crystal clear image quality service to watch all your favourite shows, movies, music and sports.

New DTH Booking Connection

In todays Digital World, Wel all love to watch Life like quality pictures, which is possible with the set top box technology, UGAM TELECOM gives you a wide range of set top box selection to fit your requirement. UGAM TELECOM provides you standard definition, high definition and also high definition pre video recorder set top box to connect with your television or LCD, led tv's. Upgrade your imagination and also your viewing experience with the latest set top box technology which are presently available in the market, For DTH Set top box activations we normally require 12 hours in city limits and 24 hours in outer areas.

Gas Bill Payments

People are too busy to pay their gas bills by standing in line, But we live in a Digital World where everyone needs the comfort of paying their utility bills on time and even by online. UGAM TELECOM brings you the easiest option of paying your gas bills with simple steps. Avoid late fees through delay in payment of gas bills, make online payment of your gas bills from our portal and enjoy the benefits anywhere and anytime. Now you can make gas bills payment online before the due date without any problems just by following few easy steps. No more standing in long queues, UGAM TELECOM is always there by your side.

Electricity Bill Payments

Those days are gone when one had to travel every month to pay electricity bills. In todays busy world, nobody has time to pay electricity bills at the Payment counters, which may result in delay payments and leads to extra charges or late fees. UGAM TELECOM's Electricity online bill payment service is here to make your life easier. Get rid of the electricity bill payment stress without standing in long queues, avail electricity bill online payment service of UGAM TELECOM. Paying electricity bill online is the most helpful option, you can pay your bill anywhere, anytime without crossing the due date. Wherever you are, pay electricity bill online by following easy steps and your work is done.

Water Bill Payments

Water is the most important necessity of life and it is very important to pay water bill before the due date. In this Technical world, everyone are too busy to stand in queue for paying their water bills at the counters. To solve this problem, UGAM TELECOM brings you online water bill payment services. Now you can pay water bills by using UGAM TELECOM in few easy clicks. Forget about the late fee charges, UGAM TELECOM's online bill payment option is here to make your life simpler and easier. Forget about the tension of paying water bills on last day and strain yourself by standing in a long line of queue. Pay your Water Bills by using our portal by clicking some easy option and your bills will be cleared.

Insurance Renewal and Payments

In this Busy life, people often forget to pay their insurance premium on time. UGAM TELECOM has a solution for this, pay premiums on time through UGAM TELECOM. We provide an easy and simple life insurance premium payment experience. Now pay your insurance premium online at UGAM TELECOM and get rid of delays. You can pay insurance premium simply logging into our website and receive confirmation message as well. Through online payment, you can pay your premium anytime and anywhere on a timely basis. This is an easy way to pay your insurance premiums conveniently without any problems. We provide a wide range of payment options that are safe and secure. No need to visit renewal offices again and again and standing in long queues, pay your life insurance premium payment online at UGAM TELECOM and save your time. Experience the Ease of Insurance Premium Payment Online. All those busy people, who do not have time to visit insurance office branches for premium payment, we have an amazing online payment service that will give you an incredible experience. Enjoy happiness when it comes to insurance premium payment, now you can pay your premium online through UGAM TELECOM, anytime and anywhere from the comfort in your office through PC or Mobile.

Bus Ticket Bookings

Gone are those days when you had to stand in long queues and book your bus journey tickets, UGAM TELECOM online bus booking is here to help you make your journey more faster. You need not visit your nearest bus stand to book bus tickets and fill in the forms and to book bus tickets. UGAM TELECOM books your bus tickets online in few minutes. Search for various buses online and pick your comfortable bus and book according to your choice. We offer online bus ticket bookings for Sleeper, Semi-Sleepr, AC, Non AC and Luxury Buses by choosing your preferred operator with more than 4000 private bus operators. Moreover you can also pick your suitable boarding points, departure time, arrival time and dropping point with the affordable prices option in our bus ticket booking online options. Easy Booking and payment Options With UGAM TELECOM, you will get the convenience of booking online bus tickets from at the lowest fares. When you book bus tickets to your desired destination, you will finish the booking process in easy steps. Online bus ticket booking for your journey is easily done with our website. your bus tickets are booked with only few easy steps followed by selecting the requirred options. Check your bus fares and timings before making your reservations and Pack your Bags and enjoy your journey. UGAM TELECOM offers incredible travelling experience by selecting bus types, boarding points, dropping points and bus operators for reserving your tickets at lowest prices. You can now save a lot of time when you book bus tickets from UGAM TELECOM for your journey. Book tickets through our website and we assure that your bus trip would be a success. If you need any assistance, our Customer Care representatives are available 24 hours a day to help you when booking your online bus ticket. UGAM TELECOM offers you the most amazing experience at all times.

Flight Ticket Bookings

Now a days people prefer everything faster services to complete their daily needful things, one such thing is transportation, and when it comes to travelling people prefer it to be faster so that they can reach their place on time and make their life more easier and faster and convineint. UGAM TELECOM makes your life much more simpler and faster when it comes to travelling by flights. If you are planning a trip or need to reach a place from any destination in India and stuck with no options then UGAM TELECOM gives you an instant solution for flight bookings with easier steps. now Book flight tickets online in few minutes from our website portal and get ready for your journey. now a days people are more preferring the aviation industries which has brought a rapid growth and demand in domestic flights in India. Ugam TELECOM provides you online air ticket bookings from several flight operators with various destinations and in easy few clicks you can make your online flight ticket booking without facing any problems or standing in the ticket counters. Whether it is one-way or round-trip, UGAM TELECOM provides you the convenience to book flight tickets online from anywhere and anytime. From our Website you can book lowest fare air tickets for most popular destinations. Booking flight tickets has become easier with us, all you need to do is visit our website and click in the requirred information and book flight tickets online in few minutes. You can also pick the choice of class which is Economy Class or Business Class for your comfort. Plan your trips with UGAM TELECOM as we offer online flight booking tickets from the well known airlines operating companies. Book lowest fare flight ticket and enjoy your journey. Those days are Gone, when you had to go to travelling office or meet the middle men for booking flight tickets. Online flight booking service is an ideal choice for travelers as it saves your time, money and efforts. Check our airfares and timings before making an reservation and Book your airline ticket from anywhere in India at lowest fares. Airline reservations is simple and with easy steps. We always offer you an incredible travelling experience and If you need any assistance while booking flight tickets online then you can always rely on our customer care service representatives as they are available 24 hours a day to help you. So, no more worries for booking your last moment flight ticket, just login to UGAM TELECOM and experience the fastest flight booking service you have tried ever before.

Money Transfer

MONEY... being the most important thing in every human life as they require to survive or moving their day to day life with ease. Now a days people keep their money in banks or save it with them for future needs. Saving money is always a better idea because nobody knows when their wil be an emergency need of using it. Many a times people help each other by borrowing or lending money in their good or bad times, which is a good sign of humanity but it also requires the perfect timing and place, UGAM TELECOM brings you the money transfer option to make your life easier for money transferring as our goal is to make people happier by sending money to their dear and loved ones, now no need to worry if you are in one place and your known person is in another place for transferring money. all you have to do is provide their banking details and we will transfer your money to their account, Money transfer option is very convinient for people when the banks are closed on public or government holidays, sundays or in festival times. We are here to help for your needful person by our service. Now you can transfer money to your friends/family and relatives in just few minutes with simple and easy steps. We can transfer money to your account or others account, let it be any bank in INDIA of any branch. It is affordable and reliable. Now no more standing in bank lines and queues or checking whether the banks are operating on the days or not, you can simply rely on our money transferring services for sending money to your loved ones.

Mobile Recharge and DTH API Providing

Everybody do their business to evolve or to make profits, but it takes a special responsibility with a greater challenge to also evolve others business too, UGAM TELECOM gives an oppourtunity to other companies, who are also providing multi recharge business or uitility services in the market by providing API services, We provide all API based services to our clients if they are facing problems in their regular business, with few simple and easy steps entered your website will be integrated with our portal and you can enjoy a fast and more simpler ways of doing your current business. Our API will give you the power of doing online services like Mobile or DTH recharges, Paying utility bills, Booking BUS or Flight Tickets or transferring Money through our portals.